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Samsung Pokes Fun at Apple, Giving Away Its Own Polishing Cloth for Free

Last month, Apple took the world by storm with the release of a new polishing cloth priced at RM99. And of course, this time it's Samsung's turn except the South Korean tech giant seems to poke fun at Apple by offering its own polishing cloths to buyers for free.

According to Galaxy Club, Samsung Member apps users in Germany who sign up can receive a free polishing cloth. 1000 pieces of polishing cloths were given away to buyers of its smartphones, including the Galaxy A52s, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Flip3, or Galaxy Z Fold3. Even better (and funnier), Samsung's polishing cloth measures 20 x 20 cm, coming bigger than Apple's 16 x 16 cm one.

There's no word on whether the promotion will be available in other countries or if the polishing cloth will be available for purchase.


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