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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: 5 Best AI Features for Quality of Life Improvement

AI has been getting hotter than ever and it's definitely not surprising to see one of the biggest tech giants, Samsung, packing in a whole bunch of AI-based features in its latest flagship Samsung Galaxy S24 series.  I had my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for a while now and I have to say, many tasks have never been easier and with that, here are 5 of the Galaxy AI features that I loved the most.

1. Circle to Search

You all probably used Google Lens before, even if not, you probably would have heard of it. And yes, one of my favourite AI features in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is the Circle to Search, which is  powered by Google. It allows you to perform a quick search of anything on your screen, be it images, videos or even text with a simple gesture. 

Although Google Lens is available in almost every smartphone, users would need to save the image or screenshot the video down, as Google Lens can only access the images via the phone's gallery. With Circle to Search, all you need to do is hold the Home Key and circle the object that you want to look up, and the results will be out in no time.

The Circle to Search feature should be toggled on by default but just in case there is any exception, you can enable it via Settings > Display > Navigation Bar and you will see the feature. However do note that this feature is only available on applications that allows screen capture and also requires an internet connection to work.

2. AI Generative Edit

The Generative Edit is definitely my second favourite Galaxy AI feature, be it for both work and fun purposes. The tool allows you to erase, resize and remaster photos with the help of generative AI, and it's like having a simpler version of Photoshop on your phone. In the editing interface of any photos, click the 3 star icon to use the Generative Edit feature.

I could remove some person or object which photobombed my nice shot of the scenery in just a few clicks, and the AI will generate accordingly to fill in the background.

Or in any case my friend feels like he wants to look even cooler in the photo, with a few simple clicks, his coolness level would just rocketed up to the roof.

The Generative Edit feature is not on by default so you will need to manually enable it before you can unleash your creativity. Just go to Settings > Advanced features > Advanced intelligence > Photo Editor and toggle on Generative edit. 

3. Erase Shadow and Reflection

On top of that, I believe most of us would have experienced the frustration of shadows and reflections when we took some shots, caused by the glass material and surround lighting. In fact, there is nothing we can do about it because those factors are all out of our control, and there comes Galaxy AI to the rescue. The Erase Shadows and Erase Reflections feature can help you to clean up these unwanted elements quickly and neatly, and I got to say I'm pretty impressed by the outcome.

From the sample, you can see that the shadows caused by the background lighting and my reflection on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra screen have been nicely removed. The system does detect the presence of shadows and reflections, and you could just simply remove them in 1 tap.  In the event it doesn't, you could still do it manually via the Object Eraser tool in the Edit interface. And the best part is you need not to capture the photos with the S24 Ultra as it works on any images that are in your library, so you could just send it over for cleanup.

4. Summarise webpage

Another AI tool that helps to make my daily work easier is definitely the webpage summarising tool. My job involves browsing through web pages which includes articles, papers and press releases to get relevant information, so at times I might spend more time than expected to get what I want. With this AI feature, I could simply get a quick look at the AI-generated summary of the webpage before deciding if that is the thing for me, which saves me a lot of time.

In Settings > Advanced features > Advanced intelligence > Samsung Internet > Summarise, toggle the tool on. Now you can get summaries for web pages.

Do note that this tool is only available in Samsung's default web browser and doesn't work in other third-party web browsers, like Chrome.

5. Webpage translate

Last but not least, this is another AI feature which helps out a lot in my daily life, be it work or personal. This feature allows the browser to quickly translate web pages into your preferred language, and since the translation is processed on your phone, you could expect quite a speedy outcome as it doesn't utilize the internet. Sometimes I come across websites which are only available in a single foreign language and this tool just comes in handy.

In Settings > Advanced features > Advanced intelligence > Samsung Internet > Translate,  download the language packs that you need and you are good to go. 

And like the previous Summarise feature, this tool is also only available in Samsung's default web browser and doesn't work in other third-party web browsers.

There are still more AI features available within the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and with the power of Galaxy AI, we could just only expect more and more we could do on the go, with just a smartphone in our hands, and I just can’t wait to see more advanced AI features upcoming.


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