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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Useful S Pen Features that You Need to Know

One of the reasons why we loved the S22 Ultra is because of its S Pen support. Yes, the S21 Ultra also supports it but the new S Pen comes with improvements and the S22 Ultra even has a dedicated slot at the bottom to store the pen, preventing you from misplacing it or worse, losing it.

Specifically, on the S22 Ultra, Samsung has reduced the S Pen's latency down to only 2.8ms, which is 70% lower than the previous 9ms latency. It comes with a non-replaceable 0.7mm tip with a 4,096 pressure level support.

To make the writing experience with the S Pen simulating a pen on paper, Samsung even added scribbling sound effects that will sound like you're actually writing on real paper when taking notes on the smartphone. Don't worry, you can turn off the sound if you don't like it.

That's me! xD (Shameless)

The S Pen is a great tool for work from taking quick notes to signing documents, and even basic doodling. To make some quick notes (without unlocking the phone), simply remove the pen from its slot and you can directly write on the screen. When you enable the Quick create notes option in the menu, you can easily create a new note by pressing the S Pen button and tapping the phone's screen twice.

It's TGIF, we usually get a lil bit high

The S Pen and the Samsung Notes app are the perfect combo when it comes to productivity. While you can still take notes like how you do on other phones, you can take handwritten notes with the S Pen (Really, it's nice to look at if you have a thing for real handwriting instead of computed texts). You can also import images and PDFs into the app, and draw, annotate, and many more with the pen. Now if you're afraid that your quick messy handwriting won't be recognizable when you need to read it later, you can even handwrite texts and the app will convert them into typed texts.

Samsung's own Calendar app supports the S Pen, too, where you can mark dates, write memos, or even check off dates satisfyingly when you're on diet. Just press the pencil icon on the top right of the app and you're good to go.

Remember when you have to edit your screenshots before sending them to others in case you don't want them to see your notifications or any other content that you don't intend to share? Save those extra steps now with the Smart Select function, which allows you to take selective screenshots of only certain parts of the screen using the S Pen.

On a creative day, you can explore the PENUP app and use the S Pen for drawing and coloring. If you have golden hands, you can create your masterpiece directly in the app but if you can anger Picasso from his grave, there's a Live Drawing feature in the app, which gives you drawing tutorials. Of course, I fall in the second category. Anyway, you can also destress with the Colouring mode, where you can choose from hundreds of images and get creative in applying colors to them. I had quite some fun coloring these images while emptying my thoughts.

In addition to scribbling and all, you can jump straight into the camera app by long-pressing the small button at the side of the pen. It may seem like a small feature but it saves you the time of finding the app on your homepage. On top of that, it also doubles as a remote camera shutter, which comes in handy when you need photo timers before running into the frame.

Within the camera app, there are several air gestures that you use the S Pen with to make shootings easier especially when your phone is clamped on a tripod, such as switching between the front and rear cameras, switching between camera modes (from photo to video, for example), and zooming in or out.

Finally, a feature that I personally like about the S Pen is built-in Google Translate-powered translation. Basically, you just need to hover the pen over a word to translate it without the need of downloading the Google Translate app. You're able to translate any language that Google Translate offers, either word by word, a sentence, or even a whole paragraph.

The S Pen still has so many to offer, such as Bixby Vision, Magnify, Glance, and many more. If you ever get yourself an S22 Ultra, make sure you check out its functions in the settings under the Advanced Features section.


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