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[Rumor] Call of Duty TV Series Under Development: To be released in May 2023

As reportedly by Uagna, an Italian games news website states that the insider Capo del Mondo has revealed that the Call of Duty TV series will be aired in May. Capo del Mondo is a well-known and active member of the COD community and he has previously been involved in a few leaks, making him a trustworthy source of information.

(image source: Uagna)

The shooting for the whole series is not completed yet, with just the first episode being filmed lately. The Call of Duty TV series will also see the participation of some official voice actors from the game, though their names remain unknown at the moment.

Capo del Mondo also clarifies that there's no official confirmation as of now. However, the trailer for the series is already in the works and will be released anytime soon. Here are the pictures shared by the leaker:

(Roach, Soap, Ghost, and injured civilian)



(Soap and Ghost)

(Captain Price)


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