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Ruark's Revolutionary 100 Series Music System Forges a Beautiful Connection with Your Music.

📅 Ruark unveils its 100 Series in Malaysia, introducing a leap in audio quality evolution and a seamless blend of artistry and innovation. The R410, with its stunning redesign, promises audio experiences that resonate harmoniously with the heart and soul.

💬 Mr. Soong Jan Hsung, VSTECS Group's CEO, expressed excitement as Ruark's exclusive distributor in Malaysia, stating, "These audio gems are set to impress both music enthusiasts and design aficionados. With the 100 Series, VSTECS and Ruark aim to elevate our customers' music experience with products that not only sound amazing but look equally stunning."

🎶 Alan O'Rourke, Ruark's Managing Director, shared his enthusiasm after three years of development, highlighting the 100 Series' fresh take on design and audio. "The 100 Series is a new chapter for Ruark, featuring products that are not just audible but designed to be a visual delight."

🌐 Beautifully Connected: Embracing the ever-changing landscape of music consumption, the R410 caters to streaming while ensuring compatibility with legacy devices like turntables or CD drives.

🔄 The 100 Series comes equipped with a potent processor, seamlessly handling the highest quality audio files and streams. Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Apple AirPlay, and Chromecast built-in are at your fingertips. The RotoDial controller, a nod to their acclaimed R-Series, adds a tactile element to your experience. Navigating through the high-resolution color display, designed with smartphone-like intuition, makes music exploration a breeze.

Designed to Be Seen

With exquisite attention to detail, perfect proportions, and a modern take on seventies-inspired styling, the R410 is crafted to enhance interior spaces. Only the finest quality materials have been used, from the hand-crafted grille and cabinet to the precision-formed components. The 100 Series showcases Ruark’s careful balance of synergy between cabinet, amplifier, and drive unit design.

Adding to the aesthetic of the R410 is a new material selected for the grille construction and enclosure. Engineered from sustainable woods that have been spliced, colored, and recomposed, the resulting eco-wood closely resembles slow-growing hardwoods. It comes with the added benefit of consistent grain patterns and color that are less prone to change over time.

Additionally, the 100 Series features improvements to the RotoDial control system—a unique characteristic of Ruark products since the introduction of their R1 in 2006. This makes it a tactile treat to use. Moreover, the R410 comes with a matching rechargeable remote with enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, eliminating the need for precise aiming. Like a quality watch, it’s an item that customers love to use because it looks and feels so good.

Engineered to Be Heard

The striking design of the 100 Series conjures up high expectations in sound, and in this respect, the R410 delivers. The optimized reflex enclosures within the cabinet provide ideal conditions for long-throw NS+ bass-mid units. These units are larger in diameter than previous models and deliver seamless, powerful, controlled bass through to a natural midrange, with the custom 20mm tweeters for the R410 adding superb detail and ambiance.

Ruark has also selected a new generation of digital amplifiers for the R410, providing high efficiency and output with ultra-low distortion. A complete two-channel amplifier assembly is mounted directly onto the rear of each bass mid-unit, keeping important signal paths optimized and as short as possible. Along with audiophile-grade components, Burr-Brown DACs, a fully active speaker system, and the latest audio processing technologies, Ruark has achieved a magical leap in performance that will bring customers closer to the sounds they love.

Pricing and Availability

The R410 will be available for purchase starting at the end of Q4 2023 at specialized stores like Atlas Sound and Vision (The Gardens Mall), Charlie Care, Audio Concept, Grex Multimedia, Mylo Trading, Impulse Gaming (KL Flagship Store), Begins Acoustic, Style Laser, TechX Malaysia, Top Audio Marketing, Maison Audio, Direct-D, Asia Sound Equipment, Cinesound Gallery, Harmonic AV, Shomez, Lazada, and Shopee.

For more information on the availability of Ruark products in Malaysia, please visit: Ruark Audio Malaysia.

The R410 will be priced at RM8,899.


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