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RTX 3090 Cards Stolen from MSI China Factory

2020 isn’t done with its surprises yet, as US$336,500 worth of RTX 3090 cards were stolen from MSI’s China-based factory.

As reported by Tom’s Hardware, 40 cargo boxes – amounting to slightly over 200 units of 3090s – were taken in the morning of December 7. MSI believes the theft to be an inside job, as the shipping area for the factory is under video surveillance and the trucks that enter and exit the area are often inspected.

Aside from informing the police, MSI is offering a 100,000 Yuan (~RM62,381) reward to those with information that can help with the incident. In addition, they’re offering clemency to those involved if they come forth and help with finding the 3090s.

While already bad news on its own, the theft of those cards hurts more when you include the fact that NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang expects the RTX 3090 to face shortages until 2021. Let’s hope that the cards can be recovered before they end up online at inflated prices.

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