Roland's Go:Livecast Streaming Hub is an Absolute Blessing for IRL Streamers

When we think of livestreaming, what comes to mind are gamers tethered to a powerful gaming PC, equipped with specialised streaming accessories from brands like Elgato or AverMedia.

But what about the IRL streamers? Those who enjoy singing to an audience, streaming their latest painting, or just chatting to viewers as they stroll around the local neighbourhood pasar malam?

Fear not, my oversharing friends, Roland is here to fill a niche that's never been addressed before - a stream hub for those on-the-go with nothing but a smartphone.

Reminscent of old-school telephones

Roland's Go:Livecast allows you to create shortcuts to go live, switch between cameras, swap front and back cameras, bring up live chat, insert pre-defined text and animations - much like Elgato's Stream Deck family, except that it has a multitude of ports that allow you to hook it up to your smartphone and other gear like microphones and instruments.

Look at my pretty face while I chop veggies

You can connect a second phone or tablet wirelessly, bringing a whole new dimension to your IRL streams with 2 different video angles. Unfortunately, the Go:Livecast doesn't support USB-C, and relies on micro-USB for charging and connecting to your primary smartphone (in this day and age!)

It also has a companion app that lets you sign in and broadcast through popular streaming sites such as Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube, and more.

EZ integration = less fuss

It's definitely a great tool for creators who enjoy vlogging and streaming on the go, without having to fiddle with around with non-mobile friendly settings on their preferred livestreaming apps.

The Roland Go:Livecast streaming hub will be available later this month for USD249.99 (~RM1,024).


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