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[Review] Surprisingly Good Sound Quality: The OPPO Enco X2

OPPO Enco X2




+ Good audio quality

- Glossy plastic case looks less than premium

+ Impressive ANC mode

+ Seamless dual-connection feature

+ Solid battery life

Launched alongside the flagship Find X5 Pro 5G is the OPPO Enco X2, co-created with Danish company, Dynaudio. Since we already reviewed the new smartphone, so there's no way we're skipping the earbuds.



Coming in an oblong charging case, the Enco X2 has a minimal design from the case right to the earbuds, either in white or black. It may look plain for some, but it's not bad if you're going for the minimal look.

The charging case uses the same glossy plastic finish similar to last year's model, and since our unit is the white one, I didn't have any issue with fingerprint smudges but you'll probably have one with the black variant. On the top of the case lid, there's a small OPPO logo while the back features a silver Dynaudio logo. The charging indicator is placed at the bottom next to the USB-C charging port. Inside the case, in between the earbuds, there's another LED indicator that flashes in white light when in pairing mode or red and green to indicate the battery levels of the earbuds. On the right is a button that you press to pair the earbuds with your devices.

While OPPO still retains the in-ear design, the earbuds now use an antibacterial coating to prevent the breeding of bacteria after a prolonged period of usage. OPPO says that the antibacterial effect can inhibit the growth of bacteria for more than 99.8%. The earbuds are also equipped with an anti-earwax compartment to prevent earwax from blocking the sound outlet and make cleaning easier.

Weighing only 56.4g (charging case included), the Enco X2 can be easily slipped into your pocket without feeling its weight. The earbuds are also IP54 dust and water resistant so you don't have to worry about damaging them on a rainy day.


Setup and Controls

The Enco X2 features built-in touch controls that work just fine. Most of the controls require you to squeeze the stems of the earbuds and additional sliding control to adjust the volume.

To play or pause, or hang up a call, all you have to do is squeeze either stem, and to switch between noise-canceling modes, long squeeze either one. When you're streaming music on Spotify, double squeeze to skip to the next track or triple squeeze to go back to the previous track. Double squeeze can also let you reject an incoming call. I'm glad that OPPO adds the volume controls too - slide up or down to adjust the volume - as it's more convenient and I don't have to reach out for my phone.

Pairing the Enco X2 with your devices is an easy task. All you need to do is press and hold the button on the side of the charging case to enter pairing mode and connect it via Bluetooth. It now supports dual connection, which means you can connect the earbuds to 2 devices at the same time, either a mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch, or PC.

During my time using it, I find that the connection is impressively quick and seamless. They would automatically connect with the paired devices when I opened the lid and put them into my ears, and disconnect when I place them inside the case and close the lid. They will also automatically pause music or video when I remove them from my ears. The dual connection feature is another plus point, especially for people who work with at least 2 devices like me. With this feature, I don't have to go to the Bluetooth settings on either device every time I need it.


User Experience

For the Enco X2, OPPO has collaborated with Dynaudio for a coaxial dual-driver system with support for hi-res audio and LHDC 4.0 ultra-HD transmission. OPPO says that the earbuds offer a frequency from 20 Hz - 40kHz.

In my one-week experience of using the earbuds, I'm satisfied with the sound output overall, with balanced mids and treble. It lacks a little in the bass department but that's not a deal-breaker for me. Music streaming was a pleasure because the mids are very clear while the vocals and instruments are great.

For noise-canceling, the Enco X2 uses the hybrid ANC solution that can reduce noise up to 45dB and the effective noise-canceling bandwidth can reach 4kHz. I'm amazed by how much low-frequency noises it can eliminate like the roaring of the LRT train and bus engines. It's actually very effective and I can't hear the sound of my keyboard clicking when the ANC mode is enabled.

Like other OPPO earbuds, it's compatible with the HeyMelody app. Inside, you can choose between 3 Dynaudio profiles from bass booster Punchy to Real for vocals and trebles to Simple and Clear for a balance between the former two modes.

OPPO has also introduced a Golden Sound feature that allows you to test your hearing with different frequencies and then optimize for a sharper resolution. When you're gaming, you can opt for the Game Mode, which reduces connection latency.

The earbuds offer up to a total of 40 hours of battery life (charging case included) with ANC off and 22 hours with ANC on. On themselves, they can last up to 9.5 hours without ANC and 5.5 hours with ANC. It supports up to 10W charging, which takes around 1 hour to top up the buds while fully charging the case takes 90 minutes.


Buy or no buy

With a premium build, the OPPO Enco X2 surely delivers high-quality audio, impressive ANC effect, and seamless connection between two devices. For RM799, it's certainly not the most budget pair you can find in the market but I would say it's a pretty fantastic option, especially after how many surprises it brought me.


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