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[Review] So Professional - DJI Osmo Mobile 6



+ Magnetic Clamp

- Extension rod too tight

+ Built-in Extension rod

- Quick Launch feature for iPhones only

+ New Side Wheel

- Expensive

+ Multi-function button

- Heavy

DJI Osmo Mobile 6

Price: RM 759

I know you love vlogging on your phone, but you can’t do a vlog only using your bare hands, You must get a proper phone gimbal instead of relying on the selfie stick. What if you wanna create a smooth and stable video, especially when you’re moving? That's when you needed a good gimbal stabilizer.

Here, check out the DJI Osmo Mobile 6, an intelligent smartphone stabilizer packed with creative features that would refine your vlogging quality to the next level.


Design & Appearance

The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 mostly restrains the look of its predecessor, the DJI Osmo Mobile 5. The fold-out principle on DJI is remain as it was one of the best features that are implemented on the phone gimbal.

As DJI is not playing at the budget end of the market, the new OM6 has steered into a way more professional feel with a slightly more serious-looking device when it comes in Slate Gray color; with an improved ergonomic design and anti-slip grip.

The DJI OM6 comes with the system status and battery indicator along with the “M button” to switch between 4 gimbal modes to add creative flair while filming; such as Follow, Tilt Locked, FPV, and SpinShot.

Also, you can keep the DJI OM6 in your pocket on the go when you don’t feel like carrying another bag just to store the OM6. With the compact and foldable design of OM6, you don’t have to worry about packing it anymore, just folding it will do. When you’re ready to shoot, just stick your phone onto the magnetic phone clamp and you are all set.

Next, the OM6 allows fluidly control zoom and focus thanks to the new side wheel. And at the back of the OM6 locates a trigger to start or stop the Active Track 5.0 in the DJI Mimo App.

Moreover, the OM6 is equipped with a built-in extension rod, making sure no one gets left out including friends and family in any shots. In case you are wondering, the extension rod can be expanded up to 21.5cm, which is long enough to use for most of your shots.


DJI OM6 Features & DJI Mimo software

The DJI OM6 features a Quick Launch function that will automatically launch the DJI Mimo App as soon as you unfold it and clamp your smartphone on it, allowing you to start shooting as inspiration kicks in. However, the Quick Launch feature is only available for iPhones only.

The DJI Mimo App is recommended to use or else you will not be able to fully utilize the amazing features of the DJI OM6. Again, you’ll notice 2 buttons beside the joystick, the start or stop recording button and the switch button. For the switch button press once to switch between front and rear cameras, twice for switching portrait and landscape modes, and three times for switching between photo and recording modes.

Other than the Quick Launch feature, why don’t we dig into the “M button” (multi-function button) and find out what the listed features (Follow, Tilt-Locked, FPV, and SpinShot) can help to improve our vlogging skills?

Firstly, the Follow mode is commonly used when taking stable shots as the camera view will follow the gimbal’s movements and hold the camera stable, which is ideal for general shooting.

The second mode is Tilt-Locked. The name already gives us a hint about how it works. Basically, Tilt-Locked will keep your camera horizontal as much as possible which is ideal for shooting horizontally or moving around a subject.

Thirdly, the FPV mode unlocks all three axes and follows the camera's movement, creating a sense of movement that is optimal for dynamic filming.

Lastly, the SpinShot mode. For me, this is the second easiest mode followed by the Follow mode. Pushing the joystick controls the rotation of the camera view, allowing the camera to rotate up to 360 degrees.

DJI Mimo

The DJI Mimo App allows novice users to use ShotGuides, Story Mode, Hyperlapse, Timelapse, Active Track 5.0, Dynamic Zoom, and Pano, or change camera and gimbal settings.

A quick tip for novice users, there are tons of videos available on the top right of the DJI Mimo App, Academy, a place for you to learn and get inspiration from experienced videographers all around the world.

Aside from that, ShotGuides provides step-by-step shooting tutorials according to each scenario, guiding you to be a professional vlogger or content creator in the future.

The ShotGuides provides DJI Mimo App beginners with tons of storyboards to choose from the categories including Natural, City, Home, Park, and more as tutorials for specific shots you wanted to shoot.


Buy or no buy?

In a nutshell, the DJI OM6 is an expensive phone gimbal in the market. But the value of the DJI OM6 balances out one of its disadvantages of it, with much more forgiving features such as a built-in extension rod, the magnetic clamp, and the Quick Launch feature (moments of silence for non-iPhone users).

Additionally, the DJI OM6 supports a few accessories that work well while filming. The most notable is the Fill Light Phone Clamp for RM199. You can add this tool to your professional kit as it is portable and extremely useful for vlogging.

And last, the extension rod is way too tight. Whenever I tried to pull it out, I need to grab it on the “right spot” to prevent bad things happen to the phone (yeah, imagine your phone flies out in the process).

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