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[Review] P for Photography - HUAWEI P60 Pro Rococo Pearl



+ Exquisite design

- Not using the latest Snapdragon chipset

+ Magnificent Camera Setup

- Overheating while gaming

+ 88W HUAWEI SuperCharge


Price: RM 4699

Today is the day when HUAWEI finally launches its P60 series in Malaysia! Did you make up your mind after checking out our first impression article on the HUAWEI P60 Pro Rococo Pearl? If not, allow min min to further "elaborate" why now is the perfect time for you to switch to HUAWEI flagships smartphone.



There are only two color choices available in Malaysia which are Rococo Pearl and Black. Instead of having a plain white color design, HUAWEI decided to come out with a unique approach with the Pearl Texture Design with distinctive patterns on each phone.

After all, if you like a more "low-profile" or "classic" look, Black is your only option. Despite the fact that it lacks the exquisite patterns found on the Rococo Pearl, the back of the Black variants is coated with a gleaming matte finish that is more fashionable than ever~



Who wouldn't love to look over and over at an eye-appealing smartphone, especially the new HUAWEI P60 Pro? Therefore, it must be equipped with a premium display to live up to its flagship status. The HUAWEI P60 Pro is here to deliver the calmest grip and an immersive view with its 6.67-inch Quad-Curve LTPO Display that is protected by HUAWEI's toughest Kunlun Glass.

Clearly, only a vast quad-curved display isn't going to make a good overall viewing experience. Thus, the P60 Pro is paired with a 120Hz refresh rate and the HUAWEI X-True Display to provide the most accurate colors and details in bright and darker areas of the screen.



The camera module of the HUAWEI P60 Pro is one of the "controversial" topics when people discuss its appearance aside from the Pearl Texture Design. The "classic camera" camera module houses a 48MP Ultra Lighting OIS Camera flanked by another 13MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera and a 48MP Ultra Lighting Telephoto Camera that is capable of zooming up to 100x.

Besides that, the XMAGE mobile camera imaging technology on the P60 Pro does produce marvelous images by enhancing the colors and quality of images, making it culturally rich and sharp no matter in bright or dim light conditions.

As we all know, the HUAWEI P series lineup is the supreme of all smartphones when it comes to mobile photography, especially its zoom capabilities. In detail, the P60 Pro is able to produce extraordinary nightscapes in excellent resolution thanks to its HUAWEI XD Optics algorithm.

( Zoom 1x > 10x > 100x )

( Zoom 1x > 3.5x > 10x )

Undoubtedly, the P60 Pro handles night photography like a piece of cake. As you can see in the sets of pictures below, the subjects are sharp even when zoomed in as long as you steady your hands (~3 sec) while the camera shutter doing its work, you will be very satisfied with the result!

In fact, the HUAWEI P60 Pro stocked up with an all-new Camera Zoom Ring and Quick Menu will definitely enhance your photography experience. In that case, you don't need to pinch-to-zoom when taking pictures.

(Quick Menu / Camera Zoom Ring)



The HUAWEI P60 Pro is powered by a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile processor which is quite rare to be found in a 2023 flagship smartphone. Mostly, flagship smartphones this year are equipped with the better Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors instead of a chipset from mid-2022.

Although it is equipped with a chipset that is a year old, the P60 Pro is still topping in terms of its performance. As a result, the HUAWEI P60 Pro gets a total of 1,039,613 in the AnTuTu Benchmark (V9.6.0).

Generally, the P60 Pro is able to run games like Honkai: Star Rail on the highest settings with a 60 fps cap. Throughout the gaming session, there's no stuttering issue when it comes to large areas, switching characters, opening up the menu screen, inventory and so.

However, the P60 Pro heats up quickly even when I just started playing, so it's better advice that either you put on a casing or let it rest periodically to avoid damaging its lifespan.

The HUAWEI P60 Pro comes with an upgraded faster fast charging solution compared to its Mate 50 Pro that only supports 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge; whereas the P60 Pro supports 88W HUAWEI SuperCharge for its 4815 mAh battery. Hence, you will never get low battery anxiety using the HUAWEI P60 Pro.


Buy or no buy?

For those who enjoy capturing every memorable moment in their life, the HUAWEI P60 Pro is the most suitable "partner" you should pick. It can deliver crispy pictures no matter in a bright or dim environment, as well as zoomed pictures.

Even though the HUAWEI P60 Pro is using a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, there's no obstacle that could stop it from being one of the well-rounded flagships in Malaysia. The HUAWEI P60 Pro will be available nationwide on 20th May 2023.


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