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[Review] Infinite Possibility for Rapid Charging Technology - Infinix NOTE 30 Pro



+ Sharp & Vibrant Display

- Fingerprints collector side frame

+ Lightweight, comfortable to hold

- Not optimal for intensive games

+ No bloatware

+ Impressive sound system

Infinix NOTE 30 Pro

Price: RM899

Infinix Malaysia has recently launched its latest NOTE series product lineup which is designed for both productivity and entertainment with outstanding performance and sturdy design. The new Infinix NOTE 30 Pro is equipped with enhanced hardware such as an AMOLED display, 120Hz refresh rate, 108MP Triple Camera Setup, and a JBL audio system to deliver the most versatile experience for fans around the world!



The Infinix NOTE 30 Pro comes with a flat edges design that is widely accepted in my opinion, as flat-edge phones tend to be more durable and comfortable to hold onto without worrying about it sliding off your palms.

It will be available in two color choices which are Magic Black and Variable Gold, where my reviewing unit being the latter. The NOTE 30 Pro equips a glimmer textured glass back with a color-morphing design that changes its color under different lighting conditions.

However, the only thing I would complain about the design of the NOTE 30 Pro will be the gleaming finishes on the side which are often covered with fingerprints all around the frame. Therefore, there's no way you could live comfortably without putting a casing on.

In fact, the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro does come with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor beside the volume rocker on the right, an 3.5 mm headphone jack on the bottom, and a dual stereo JBL speaker setup on the top and the bottom, delivering exceptional audio experience when holding horizontally.



And for the display, the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro sports a vast 6.67-inch FHD AMOLED display, delivering premium visual effects at an obtainable price. If you feel that the colors on the display look like its washed out, that's because you have not turned on the "Bright-colored" color enhancement under the Color Style settings.

In addition, the NOTE 30 Pro also featured a 1080 x 2400 resolution display that supports up to 120Hz refresh rate to provide the ultimate visual experience with its ultra-slim bezel design.

Certainly, the NOTE 30 Pro also comes with a neat feature across the display, which is the adaptive refresh rate. It will automatically switch the refresh rate according to the usage of the device whether you playing games, or scrolling through social media to preserve as much battery as possible.



Although min min has only reviewed a few Infinix devices from the past, I felt that it always amused me when it comes to its camera capabilities. The automatic color grading technology in the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro deeply enhances the clarity of the photo without making it look unnatural.

The huge camera bump houses a triple-camera array which includes a 108MP Main Camera and two 2MP+2MP sensors and a Quad Flash Light sitting in the corner. As for camera features, the NOTE 30 Pro sports a variety of modes including standard features like 108MP, Super Night, and Documents; as well as an advanced feature, Sky Shop, which is used for "sky shooting."

The NOTE 30 Pro is still being able to produce decent-quality of photos when it comes to night photography. I would say the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro camera shines when taking photos at night compared to its competitors in the market. There are no words on the image processing time between each camera shutter and every detail in the photo remains sharp.

Not only that, the NOTE 30 Pro even hid a flashlight at the front which can be turned on with the Flashlight button from the notification screen or via the flashlight button while using the front camera.



The Infinix NOTE 30 Pro is powered by a MediaTek Helio G99 chipset (6nm) with an 8GB + 256GB storage option. As usual, the NOTE 30 Pro supports RAM Expansion technology which is capable of taking another 8GB of unused ROM to add up a total of 16GB of RAM to keep the device running smoothly even with a heavy load of background apps running at the same time.

And again, we will be putting the NOTE 30 Pro on AnTuTu Benchmark v9.6.0 to check its performance. After running the benchmark, the NOTE 30 Pro scores a total of 374,986, placing itself in between the HUAWEI nova 7i (Kirin 810) and Google Pixel 5 (Snapdragon 765G 5G). As a result, the NOTE 30 Pro might not be able to run graphically intense games like Genshin Impact.

For instance, the Honkai: Star Rail is playable on the NOTE 30 Pro on low~mid settings, 60 FPS, though you will be facing minor stutters when using skills or opening up the menu screen, the device does not heat up a lot thanks to its VC Liquid Cooling even gaming for 30 minutes without taking a break in between.

To make it fair, min min also tried out Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on the NOTE 30 Pro. It can be played at every setting maxed out, excluding Ultra graphics mode since it is not available yet.

Again, you can also enable the resurrection countdown feature on games like MLBB, Garena ROV, and FreeFire through the Dar-Link Engine 2.0 settings, so you can focus on other things like checking on messages or surfing the web while waiting for the respawn timer.

The Infinix NOTE 30 Pro does offer a few solutions for its 5000 mAh battery, which are the 68W Wired All-Round FastCharge and 15W Wireless Charging that can also be used as Reverse Charging to charge up other devices when needed.

※68W Fast Charge

※15W Reverse Wireless Charging

Likewise, the NOTE 30 Pro AI Smart Charge will automatically pause charging when reaching 80% battery level overnight and resumes before you wake up to prevent battery aging. Hence, you don't have to worry about leaving the NOTE 30 Pro overcharge while you fall asleep during the night.

What's more, the NOTE 30 Pro is also equipped with Bypass Charge, which will automatically be turned on when reached a certain battery level, to allow the battery to provide a power supply to the motherboard instead of the battery to reduce heat generated while playing and charging at the same time.


Buy or no buy?

In conclusion, the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro might be another "budget" smartphone in the market, yet it provides an all-around charging experience with its 68W FastCharge, wireless charging, and Bypass Charging which you will not find on other budget devices.

Besides, the NOTE 30 Pro has an excellent camera system that works well both during the day and at night. Even so, it was not designed for intense gaming performance, the AMOLED display and dual speaker system were sufficient as your everyday entertainment drive.

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