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[Review] For Health Enthusiasts: The HONOR Watch GS 3

HONOR Watch GS 3 (Midnight Black)


After going through the pandemic era, what's important to you? Many of us would think that health and fitness are more than everything else now. With the thought of going healthy, today we're testing HONOR's latest smartwatch - the Watch GS 3.

The HONOR Watch GS 3 comes in three variants: Midnight Black, Classic Gold, and Ocean Blue. The black model uses a fluoroelastomer strap while the other two are nappa calfskin straps. Our review unit is the black version which gives off a more sporty vibe but if you prefer a business-looking style, the other two colors are more suitable - the straps are interchangeable.

This is a watch with a large face, even for me and I have pretty big wrists for a girl. You get a 1.43" watch face yet it feels light wrapped around my wrist even after a long time, measuring only 44g. The AMOLED touchscreen features 466 x 466 resolution at 326PPI and 1000 nits of maximum brightness, allowing you to see clearly the content in direct sunlight.

The Watch GS 3 offers a series of health monitoring features for health enthusiasts, including a heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, and stress monitor. For the first time, it's equipped with an 8-channel heart rate AI engine to detect your heart rate precisely, with an overall accuracy of over 97%. Your heart rate will be monitored in real-time and synced to the HONOR Health app. In the heart rate section, you'll be able to learn your heart rate range and check if your heart is beating at an ideal speed when you're inactive.

Additionally, the smartwatch can measure your blood oxygen index - a higher blood oxygen index indicates better health status (ideally above 90%). Similar to heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen can be measured in real-time too.

As for sleep monitoring, there are three indicators in the HONOR app: deep sleep, light sleep, and awake. You will receive a sleep score where you can see in detail the proportion of your sleep or the quality of your sleep. The app will explain what sleep quality index means and through your sleep score, you'll be able to improve your sleep quality.

Besides that, you can monitor your stress status by running the test via the app. From 1 - 99, you'll receive a stress score, indicating if your stress level is relaxed, normal, medium, or high.

For sports enthusiasts, the watch supports over 100 workout modes, including 85 tailor-made workout modes and more than 10 professional workout modes, such as outdoor and indoor running, outdoor and indoor cycling, mountaineering, hiking, and many more. You can personalize a health plan that suits your health conditions.

The Watch GS 3 is powered by a battery that can last for a whole day with just a 5-minute charge. It provides 14 days of battery life under normal usage and 30 hours when GPS is enabled.

Sure, the HONOR Watch GS 3 offers many workout courses from indoors to outdoors, as well as personalized ones. It also comes with health features like heart rate, stress, SpO2, and sleep monitors. The Midnight Black model costs RM899 while the Ocean Blue and Classic Gold models are priced at RM999. But I'm not sure if it's worth the bucks since those do not set them apart from competition at the same price range and perhaps, even lower.

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