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[Review] Feel the Ground Tremble: The SonicGear Titan 9 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker System

Today I learned that I didn't know what 'loud' sounded like outside of a nightclub. With the arrival of the SonicGear Titan 9 at my house, I finally understood what it meant to shake the roof (walls and foundation too).

To describe it in three words: LOUD. AS. HECK.

How loud, exactly? Just take a look at this IG story taken earlier:

Yeah, I'm pretty sure my neighbours are going to sleep well tonight. :)

Anyway, at RM229, I honestly didn't expect much when the SonicGear Titan 9 was delivered to my doorstep. It looked generic enough, and at that price point honestly all you'd expect is for it to actually produce sound, and you'd be happy to call it a win.

But no, this little beast is a whole different breed altogether. It rivals the monstrosities that Ah Bengs load into the trunk of their souped-up cars blasting happy hardcore by the roadside at 3am.

What's in the box?

The box was pretty unremarkable, with a picture of the speakers long with a giant pink bubble claiming its 'SUPER BASS' capabilities and 6.5 inches (the drivers la, what you thinking?)

Opening it up, you'll find the Titan 9 securely packed in plastic wrapping and thick foam padding. Apart from the woofer and two satellite speakers, you'll also find a manual, all the necessary wires, a microphone, and a remote control (with batteries included for both, YES!)

You'll also find an antenna, which Team Salty has affectionately dubbed 'half a cable' because we're all millennials who thought we were sent a stray wire by mistake (sorry, I'll go hide my face now bye.)

The speakers themselves aren't too heavy although they are decently sized. I could easily pick them up and move them around despite having T-rex arms.

Easy setup + a gazillion connections

Although the manual was literally a tiny 4-page leaflet, I was too lazy to read it as usual (I prefer hands-on experimentation) - and it turns I didn't even need to, because the setup process was easy as ABC. All you have to do it stick the right cables into the right holes (which are colour coded summore), flip the power switch and BOOM! Your very own nightclub sound system is ready.

The Titan 9 supports pretty much every modern connection except CDs (which is a bummer as I'm an avid CD collector), but with Bluetooth, FM Radio, AUX, USB, and SD Card playback options at your disposal, it's not something you'll miss. Frankly, most of us will be using Bluetooth in 2020, so of course that was the first option I tried.

Pairing was extremely simple - simply press the 'input' button until it switches to Bluetooth mode, and it will instantly show up on your phone's Bluetooth pairing options. Click 'pair' and you're ready to blast some tunes!

Ridiculously loud with an insane Bluetooth range

Speaking of Bluetooth, the range on this thing is insane. While filming the IG story above, I lapped round my house and the signal only wavered for a second while I was exiting through the main door - otherwise the connection never faltered. I ran circles upstairs, through closed doors and windows, and I could still hear Gareth Emery blasting through concrete.

At 50%, the volume was already loud enough to drown out the sound of the TV in the next room, so I kindly asked my mum to temporarily evacuate upstairs so I could test out its full potential,

The result? I felt like I had my very own life soundtrack, as the music penetrated the walls and followed me everywhere - upstairs, outside, to the bathroom, and into the closet; and that was with windows and doors closed. If I switched the music track to Bubblegum K.K, I'd be living out my Animal Crossing dream IRL.

How's the quality? Frankly, the audio quality is exactly what you'd expect of a RM229 speaker: not amazing, but not a total bust either. Due to the heavy bass, it actually sounds better from a distance away as opposed to close up. In any case, the highs, mids and lows all carried well even to the next room (or house). So if you're into house parties, the Titan 9 is definitely the best companion to have.

Heck yeah, it's also karaoke-ready

Apart from skull-cracking, foundation-shaking volume, the Titan 9 is also karaoke-ready and comes with a wireless microphone. Setting up wasn't just easy - it was absolutely non-existent. Once the batteries are in, just turn the mic on and you'll instantly be able to belt out tunes for your entire neighbourhood to hear - no finicky pairing process involved!

You can also plug in 2 additional microphones via a pair of quarter-inch jacks on the side to butcher Bohemian Rhapsody with a couple of buddies.

The remote control allows you to control playback, switch input modes, toggle the LED lighting, and more. It has all the functions you'll need - the only caveat being its detection range, which is quite limited. You'll have to point it directly at the LED display (which is quite small), else it won't pick up your commands.

The verdict?

If you're a basshead, the SonicGear Titan 9 is your best friend. It certainly isn't audiophile quality (not by a long shot) but at RM229, you can open your own neighbourhood party pad - what more can you ask for? And although Bluetooth should be the most popular option, the ample range of connections is also a huge plus.

Are you a karaoke fan? Then this is also your best buddy; along with Spotify's new live lyric feed, you'll never have to visit Red Box again. It's a bloody steal.

And if you're feeling particurly dry after MCO, these babies have so much bass that all you have to do is sit on the woofer for a couple of minutes and you'll feel nice and happy again (not that I tried - I swear.)

If you wanna grab one of these, you can head over to SonicGear's official Lazada or Shopee store now.


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