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[Review] Entering the Gaming Chair Market: Armaggeddon Starship VI

Gaming chairs are a trend that has seemingly become a norm in the gaming community. After all, what's a setup flex without that iconic "racer" seat lurking somewhere in the background? What used to be the territory of dedicated gaming chair manufacturers (DXRacer, AKRacing etc.) has become a free-for-all where gaming peripheral brands are diving in with their own offerings.

Armaggeddon is the latest participant in the gaming chair frenzy, offering up 3 models - the Shuttle II, Nebuka III, and Starship VI. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the latter, which is the priciest of the trio.

Do note that our review unit came fully assembled, so we will not be talking about the ease of assembly (or otherwise).


First Impressions

The Starship VI comes in 4 different colours - Armaggeddon Yellow, Firestorm Red, Maldive Blue, Midnight Grey. Our review unit was clad in yellow, which worked exceptionally well, especially with the almost lightning bolt-shaped accents in the front.

The Armaggeddon logo is stitched into the headrest and backrest, while the model name is stitched onto the back of the headrest and on the "wing" of the chair.

In terms of materials, the Starship VI uses cold-cure moulded high density foam clad in "premium PU leather", while the metal base is supported by five 75mm high-grade castors. The use of high density foam should help the chair retain its shape longer while helping to support your ass and back comfortably.

Half of the seat and the back are quilted, which should help prevent the stretching of the PU leather exterior, which unfortunately happened to my gaming chair due to my habit of putting my legs up like a trishaw puller (sorry mum!)

In any case, while this chair shouldn't face that problem, you should note that the front cushion protrudes quite a bit, so if you also enjoy putting your leg up like the uncouth creature you are, it will lack some support on the front end.


Highly Adjustable

The Starship VI features 4D armrests - and no, it's not it defies the laws of physics - rather, it's a fancy way of saying the armrests can be adjusted in 4 ways. You can move them up and down, side to side, forward and back, as well as swivel them up to a certain degree. We had no issues getting the armrests to a comfortable position, though you might need to get used to all the miscellaneous buttons and levers used to move them around.

As for the seat itself, it has all the standard adjustments, including height, 360-degree swivelling, and 160-degree reclining. This means you can take a nap in your chair if you're too lazy to get up to move to your bed (or if you're in the office trying to catch some sneaky Zs).



Now, while the Starship VI purportedly supports weights up to 180kg, the size of the chair itself isn't too big. The bucket-style seats means that the chair will wrap your shoulders and thighs unless you're super petite. Some of you may find this cosy, but I can imagine it'd feel slightly constricting if you have a larger body size.

The lumbar pillow and neck cushion are also made of PU leather; I do wish they'd opted for fabric for these parts instead, since they are more prone to friction and peeling over a long period of time. The lumbar pillow is height adjustable, while the neck cushion is not, so do take note of this if you're unusually tall or short. Personally, it was just nice for me (173cm). If you want to recline, you'd need to remove both of them though, since they'll stick out like a sore thumb when you're lying on your back.



Overall, it's a pretty standard gaming chair with all the adjustments you'll need to suit your posture and desk setup. I like the yellow and black aesthetic as well as the stitching of the logos, though I would definitely forgo the embroidered logo on the lumbar pillow in favour of a fabric material.

The Starship VI is a decent first entry into the gaming chair market for Armaggeddon, and while I haven't spent enough time with the chair to determine its durability (peeling, sagging etc), I'm looking forward to what Armaggeddon has in store for us in the future.

If you're interested in purchasing one, it costs RM999 and is available on Armaggeddon's official Shopee store. If you're on a tighter budget, they also have more affordable options in the form of the Shuttle II and Nebuka (not Nebula!) III at RM699 and RM899 respectively.

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