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[Review] An Inexpensive Choice: The SonicGear HyperBass Buds-1 Earphones

Tired of all the exorbitant audio devices we've been reviewing lately? Well, here's one that's extremely easy on the pocket. The SonicGear HyperBass Buds-1 costs a mere RM49.90, and offers decent sound for the extremely affordable price point.

Simple and clean packaging

Cheap products generally have equally cheap-looking packaging to go along with it - usually to the tone of clear plastic and thin paper. However, the HyperBass Buds-1 are surprisingly well packaged with in a matte paper box with a magnetic flip lid.

Inside, you'll find the Buds neatly arranged, protected by a sheet of plastic. Apart from the buds, the only thing you'll be getting are 2 extra pairs of ear tips, 1 larger and 1 smaller than the ones already installed on the earphones. This is always a nice bonus to get in the package, as finding the right fit is essential for comfort.

Two stylish colours

Instead of the usual black and white options, the HyperBass Buds-1 come in black and a rather classy bronze. The latter is definitely my favourite option of the two, as the bronze sheen provides some nice contrast against the black plastic housing.

Overall, the design is simple and classy. A tiny SonicGear adorns the back of the Buds, while a silver ring circles the joint for a nice accent.

The wires are made of rubber, so you'll have to be careful about getting it caught and subsequently decapitated in hinges. The two sides meet in a lightweight plastic junction which houses a button to pick up calls, as well as the microphone. It terminates in a gold-plated 3.5mm header, which will work with most phones as well as your Nintendo Switch.

Decent audio and microphone

The audio actually sounds very decent for the price. The sound signature is pretty bright, which means you'll benefit from clear vocals and distinct melodies. The downside is that you will suffer from listener's fatigue after a while, and while the bass is definitely present, it sounds distant and rumbly compared to the highs and mids.

I also like that it has a built-in microphone, allowing you to pick up calls on the go or when you otherwise have your hands full. Simply press the button on the in-line controls to pick up the call - this works on both regular phone calls and WhatsApp calls.

The microphone is actually surprisingly good. It had a good pickup range, which means you don't necessarily have to bring it up to your mouth to speak, and it was also clear and crisp. Additionally, it didn't pick up background noise at all, including the mechanical grunting from the active printer I was sitting next to during testing.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that the mic is very susceptible to noises from jostling, so if you're jogging and the wire is bouncing against your ample bosom (or lack thereof), the person on the other end of the call is definitely in for some ear cancer.

Buy or no buy?

To sum it all up, the SonicGear HyperBass Buds-1 are an inexpensive set of earphones with a built-in mic that do their job well for their price point.

It's great to throw into your Nintendo Switch case or gym bag to bring on the go when a larger or more expensive pair of headphones are not feasible.

If you need a spare pair of earphones, or just one to toss into your bag without much thought, the SonicGear HyperBass Buds-1 is definitely a good buy at just RM49.90. You can get it from SonicGear's official Shopee store now.


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