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[Review] Fresh air is good for everyone - acerpure pro AP551-50W



A place to stick the controller

No wheels at the bottom

Energy saving

Scary Turbo mode

Informative display panel

Only supports WiFi 2.4G connectivity

acerpure pro Series Model AP551-50W


Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle but doesn’t know where they should start, so you should probably look for the new acerpure air purifier. acerpure pro AP551-50W air purifier filters out particles in the air to ensure every breath you take is fresh.



The acerpure pro AP551-50W is a 57.6cm tall cylinder-shaped air purifier covered with White color plastic and the logo acerpure on the front cover. The acerpure pro AP551-50W weighs around 4.22 kg which is quite heavy to move around in a room. Besides, the lower body of the acerpure pro AP551-50W is fitted with a grille that draws in the air while the top of the air purifier is located in the ventilation to deliver fresh air.

Aside from that, there are control functions and an LCD display to monitor the dust concentration status as well as a few indicators showing the mode of ventilation you’re running.

You can stick this tiny little controller at the back of the air purifier where the magnet is located so you don’t have to worry about losing this little thing in your home.

Furthermore, the magnetic grille cover at the back of the acerpure AP551-50W can be detached to change the 4-in-1 HEPA filter when needed. Also, the PM1.0 Air Quality and Gas Sensor can be found just at the upper area of the magnetic grille cover.



There will be three key functions that are located at the top of the acerpure AP551-50W. The control functions at the top of the acerpure AP551-50W include:

  • Power ON/OFF

  • Purifier Speed

  • Timer

There are 3 speeds available on the air purifier and a timer mode that lasts from 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours before the air purifier automatically shuts down.

In addition, there is also advanced functionality such as a Lock Function, Quiet mode, and Filter Replacement Indicator can be switched on by pressing and holding it down for three seconds.

Lock Function

To enable this function, you have to press and hold down the Purifier Speed function for 3 seconds. When Lock Mode is enabled, it will light up continuously on the display panel.

Quiet mode

To enable Quiet mode, press and hold down the timer button for 3 seconds. This mode reduces the noise and turns off the display panel and making for the perfect environment for a good sleep.

Filter Replacement Indicator

To enable the Filter Replacement Indicator, press and hold down the Power button and Purifier Speed for 3 seconds. These functions allow you to check on the filter’s health to know when to replace it with a new filter.

Panel Introduction

The LCD display panel on acerpure pro AP551-50W can display up to 7 indicators at a time. Below are the icons shown in the panel:

  • Smart Mode

  • Timer Mode

  • Lock Mode

  • Wi-Fi Mode

  • PM2.5/PM1.0 Value Display

  • Dust Status Display

  • Gas Status Display



The acerpure pro AP551-50W is a cool-looking air purifier that costs only RM1,299 in Malaysia. The space of the air purifier taken is bearable even in a small room. The best function to have is the magnetic back that allows me to stick the controller at the back instead of laying it around.

Additionally, the acerpure pro AP551-50W air purifier supports only WiFi 2.4G. You can pair the air purifier to the acerpure life application so that you can monitor or control the air purifier that on your handheld device which acts the same functions as the controller. Unfortunately, you must connect your phone to WiFi 2.4G only you can pair it with the acerpure pro or it will not work.

Aside from that, the Turbo mode really scares me as the fan speed goes vroom, creating loud noises and I don’t see a place where Turbo mode can shine for the air purifier. Moreover, it is nice if acerpure offers a handle to hold and move the air purifier around since it doesn’t have wheels at the bottom. It would be more convenient although the hole will make the acerpure pro air purifier looks weird.


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