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[Review] A Smart Monitor That Fits The Budget - The Samsung Smart Monitor M5



+ Budget friendly

- Lack of ports

+ Comes on board with Microsoft 365 & Entertainment software

- Lack of ergonomic adjustments

+ Doesn't eat up a ton of space

Samsung Smart Monitor M5 (32")


When considering a monitor, what we look for is usually one that can do well with gaming or with entertainment, but have you ever encountered a smart monitor that can be used without a PC or console? Introducing the Samsung Smart Monitor M5 in 35”.



Upon first glance, the design of the Samsung Smart Monitor looks more like a TV rather than a monitor and that's because it integrated Samsung’s design language for TV’s onto this monitor.

The back of the monitor has a plain striped look with Samsung’s logo that is located on the left. In my opinion, the monitor definitely looks minimalist and will suit people who have very little to no space in their workstation.

In terms of ergonomics, the Samsung Smart Monitor M5 can only be adjusted via tilting which means it lacks the ability to adjust its height or to swivel. Personally, I think that the lack of these two ergonomic features for such a wide monitor will definitely hurt the users neck and eyes in the long run as not everyone has the same desk height nor has the same preferred viewing angle.



The Samsung Smart Monitor M5 comes with two variants, a 27” monitor and a 32” monitor which is the review unit I have on hand.

The monitor comes with an aspect ratio of up to 21:9 and is paired with a 178° viewing angle making it have a wide viewing angle compared to normal monitors in the market.

For display resolution, it skipped out on a 4K resolution but instead uses a HDR display, making it relatively different from their Smart TVs.

It has a brightness of 250 nits and a refresh rate of up to 60Hz which I personally don’t think suffices for gaming, this monitor would be better for people who want a smart monitor for entertainment usage.


Ports & Remote Control

The monitor comes with a minimal amount of ports which are 2x USB ports and 2x HDMI ports. I was rather disappointed with the lack of DisplayPort port but gaming was not the vision Samsung had in mind when creating this monitor.

Upon purchasing the monitor, it also comes with a remote control that has quick access buttons to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other keys to ease switching between applications during chill sessions.



To tie it all together, the monitor comes with a Tizen operating system to provide a more friendly experience with the smart TV, in addition to that, the Smart Monitor has a few pre-installed applications like Spotify and Youtube.

Aside from entertainment, it also has Microsoft Office 365 pre-installed onto the monitor, this makes it highly efficient for students staying in dorms and could not bring a whole PC due to lack of space.


Buy or no buy?

Despite the lack of ports, I think the Samsung Smart Monitor M5 is great for people who lack the space or who craves something within the budget. Entertainment and Microsoft are accessible within a touch of a button.

Hopefully in future models, Samsung could integrate more ergonomic adjustments and more USB ports for connectivity possibilities.

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