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[Review] A Budget Offering with 4GB of RAM: The HUAWEI Y6P

Ah, another day, another budget smartphone. The HUAWEI Y6P is nearly identical to the HONOR 9A that we just reviewed not long ago, but the most notable difference is that it offers 4GB of RAM, which is unusual and extremely welcome in a phone within this price range.


'Glasstic' makes a return, which is unsurprising for a budget phone. The exterior is glossy and has a wavy looking texture that ripples like liquid at different angles. Our Emerald Green unit looks stunning, but there's also a Phantom Purple option for y'all BTS fans, and a Midnight Black one for those who prefer boring - er, classic - colours.

As usual, we highly recommend using a protective case for this - the plastic surface is not only a fingerprint and dust magnet, but is also far less scratch-resistant than glass.

In terms of dimensions and weight, it is identical to the HONOR 9A, which means it is also pleasantly hefty at 185 grams. The camera array is housed on a narrow slit and there is barely a bump, which means your phone can sit practically flat on most surfaces.

You'll find the SIM card slot on the left; it can house two SIM cards as well as a microSD card.

On the right, you'll find the lock button and volume rocker placed comfortably within reach.

Underneath, you'll find a speaker grille as well as a 3.5mm jack, which goes perfectly with the earbuds Huawei has thoughtfully included in the box.

Between them is the *sigh* Micro-USB charging port, which obviously isn't ideal, but hey, at this price, fast charging is a luxury aight? On the bright side, the Y6P does support reverse charging, which allows you to maximise the potential of the phone's massive 5,000mAh battery.

The fingerprint sensor is located just a tad too high for me, but it is reliably swift.

Display and Sound

The 6.3" LCD IPS display has a max resolution of 1600x720, which is more than sufficient for browsing social media and watching YouTube. The text is crisp and the colours are reasonably vibrant, but the display doesn't hold up as well under bright sunlight.

Audio-wise, it's just what you'd expect at this price point - average but decent enough for casual listening. One thing to note, however, is that it is a mono speaker setup, which works fine during regular browsing, but is much more disorienting when you're watching YouTube or Netflix in landscape mode. The speaker can get pretty loud too, so if you're the type who enjoys a spot of shower karaoke, this will definitely work well with your bathroom's acoustics.

Performance and Battery

This phone features an entry-level Mediatek MT6762R Octacore processor and 64GB of storage. As mentioned earlier, the Y6P also boasts 4GB of RAM, which is a huge win for a phone within this price range.

Overall, simple tasks like watching YouTube and scrolling through website was a breeze - I'd recommend this as a great productivity driver if it weren't for the lack of Google Mobile Services, which may be an issue for people who are dependent on the Google ecosystem. Otherwise, you'll find most of the apps you need via the HUAWEI AppGallery or the Petal Search function.

Otherwise, it is definitely great for general usage as its massive battery will last you at least 1.5 days of heavy usage and up to 3 days for casual usage. The longevity of its battery life is also great cause you won't have to charge it as often, considering the lack of fast charging means it'll take nearly 3 hours to top it up to full.

Gaming on this thing is alright, but don't expect perfectly smooth performance of course; on the more positive side, thermals were good - it barely heated up even as we burned rubber on Asphalt 9.

In terms of connectivity, it unsurprisingly only supports 2.4GHz internet, though it does have Bluetooth 5.0 support.


The camera is honestly nothing to shout about. Most shots on auto turned out rather dark and bland. The photo below which was taken under daylight still turned out rather grainy and washed out.

Close-up shots were average, capturing some detail but losing the finer bits. Again, the camera on auto mode turned out very dark and murky.

Night shots were more saturated, though appearing artificial at times. The details were also average - not exactly Insta-worthy but good enough to text your mum to let her know you're just chilling at the mamak and not out on a midnight joyride.

Below is the same location and angle taken using the wide-angle mode. There's noticeable distortion and muddying round the edges, and it lost quite a bit of colour as well.

Aperture priority was able to give a decent depth of field, but once again the pictures turned out dark and washed out.

The front selfie cam was also meh - don't expect it to make you look like a Greek god any time soon.

Overall, this isn't phone isn't built for photography (and we shouldn't expect it to be at this price point). However, with some manual tweaking of the settings and some editing, you'll still be able to produce decent enough shots of food and Ikea aisles to fill up your Facebook timeline.


Like the HONOR 9A, the HUAWEI Y6P is also a great option for those looking for a budget smartphone. The build, camera, and specs are nearly identical, save for a different range of colours to choose from. However, the Huawei Y6P does edge slightly ahead of its younger cousin as it offers 4GB of RAM instead of 3GB - and it supports reverse charging as well!

For these two added features, you'll be forking out only RM10 extra, which is an amazing deal. The Huawei Y6P is listed at RM559, while the HONOR 9A is listed at RM549, so we'd highly advise that you tambah sikit and get the one with slightly superior specs.


  • Excellent battery life

  • 4GB of RAM is a rarity within this price range

  • Supports reverse charging


  • No GMS

  • Mediocre camera

  • Micro-USB charging

For more details, you may head over here to check it out .


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