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[Review] A Budget Friendly PSU - The Gigabyte UD 1000W GM PSU



+ Quiet

- No RGB on the fans

+ Budget friendly

+ Comes with great features

GIGABYTE UD 1000W GM Power Supply Unit

RM 699

Let’s be honest, it’s not everyday you see a PSU review but I’ll make sure that the GIGABYTE UD 1000W GM PSU can hopefully satisfy your craving for a budget friendly power supply unit.



Starting off with the design, the GIGABYTE UD 1000W GM comes in a very plain and modern design with silver wordings saying ULTRA Durable Gold 1000 on the top side of the PSU and the rest comes in a matte black finish.

Despite having a plain design and no RGB nor LED screens, it makes for a pretty neat power supply unit as you don’t really see the lighting or other extra stuff when the RGBs of your motherboard and rig can overpower everything else.

Another thing that I personally think is important, is that it comes with a fully modular design, which means that all the cables it comes with are modular, this allows you to handle the wires easily, resulting in a better airflow and better cable management for your setup.



For fans, it comes with a 120mm Smart Hydraulic Bearing also known as HYB fan. In layman's terms, it means that the speed of the fan will adjust according to the automatic power detection and stops it from spinning when it’s under low load.

This feature allows the PSU to remain quiet and not sound like you are gaming beside an airport runway, which I personally enjoy.



Given that the name of this PSU has a UD in it, it stands for Ultra Durable. The meaning behind it? Well, it’s made from high-quality main Japanese capacitors, enhanced thermal solution, 120mm smart hydraulic bearing fan and six circuit protection design. All this contributes to experiencing amazing quality and an even more stable power supply.

The Japanese capacitors on the other hand provide 4x longer performance efficiency to ensure long term reliability. When using this PSU, I had no issues with it performance-wise.

For thermal solution, the heatsink on this PSU is enlarged by 200%, allowing for better heat dispersion performance that increases the service life by more than 10%. This can ensure that you are getting your money’s worth because it won’t break down on you halfway.

Last but not least, this is an 8 PLUS GOLD certified PSU, hence, it allows your PC to deliver 90% efficiency at a 50% load that leads to less waste, less heat and less fan noise.


Buy or no buy?

If I am being really honest, this is a pretty great PSU that is not only within the budget but it did not cheap out on performance as well.

However, if a 1000W does not tickle your fancy, GIGABYTE has other PSU’s in the market that is available, you may check out their website here.

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