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Resident Evil Showcase Teased in New Trailer

Resident Evil fans will want to mark January 21 (or January 22 for us in Malaysia) on their calendars, as a showcase will be streamed on that date. To be exact, it will kick off on Jan 21 at 2PM PST, or Jan 22 at 6AM GMT+8.

The showcase will have a new trailer and gameplay walkthrough for the upcoming Resident Evil Village, which is releasing this year, as well as other Resident Evil news.

As for the showcase teaser itself, it shows off a bit more of the mysterious, hat-wearing woman from the game's first teaser, along with brief snippets of gameplay. It’s not much, but it certainly solidifies the fact that Resident Evil Village will have a notably different vibe than other games in the series, although Resident Evil 7’s Ethan and the series’ Chris Redfield are returning.

Check out the teaser below:


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