Remnant Of The Ashes is Now Free On Epic Games Store

Post-apocalyptic third-person shooter Remnant of the Ashes is now free to claim on the Epic Games Store, as part of the platform’s tradition of giving out free games every week. It’s accompanied this time by The Alto Collection, which contains the side-scrolling endless runners Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey.

Remnant of the Ashes originally released on Steam almost a year ago and managed to get pretty positive reviews. It’s got randomly-generated worlds and a pretty grimdark vibe, though you can lighten things up by bringing up to two friends with you on your journey. Now that it's being given away for free, I guess I’ve got no excuse not to try out now.

Image source: Steam

The Alto games originally came out on mobile before transitioning to PC and consoles recently. They’re less grimdark experiences than Remnant and look rather laidback and pretty. They've got good scores too. A Switch release is inbound some time in the near future.

If either of these offers sounds right up your alley, or if you just want more free games, head over to the Epic Games Store here.

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