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Rapper "Retires" from Music to Become Twitch Streamer

I'm a slave for your games, I'm just a sucker for pain.

If the subtitle didn't give it away, get this: internationally renowned rapper Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (what a mouthful) - better known by his stage name Logic - is "retiring" from the music scene. What are his future plans? Oh, to be a "great father" to his newborn! That, and signing a 7-figure deal with Twitch as well.

While not nearly as big as the contracts Ninja or summit1g signed (and have been released from, in Ninja's case), Logic will still make a hefty sum from the deal. The announcement came soon after revealing that his fifth album "No Pressure" will be his last, but a Twitch announcement says that Logic is the platform's first "official music partner", so it's still up in the air on what that means.

Logic is planning to showcase different types of content in his weekly streams, ranging from in-studio sessions, special guest appearances, AMAs, and of course, gaming.

“I’m just a nerd. I love video games. I’m blessed enough to have millions of fans and followers. So it is a great partnership."

His first stream will take place on 22 July, where he will debut several tracks from the upcoming album.

He already has over 57,000 followers at time of writing, and if you want bragging rights for being one of the first "few" on his first stream, here's where to catch him.

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