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Rainbow Six Siege’s New Healing Operator Previewed in North Star Video

Rainbow Six Siege is heading into Year 6 Season 2, dubbed North Star, and Ubisoft has released a new reveal panel video that previews new Operator Thunderbird in action with her healing ability.

Thunderbird, real name Mina Sky, is a pilot who was previously revealed to be from the Nakoda Nations (Season 3 and 4 will have a Croatian and Irish Operator respectively). Her gadget is the Kona Station, a deployable that shoots the first Operator to enter its radius with a dose of healing. In cases where there are multiple Defenders, the one with the lowest health gets prioritized.

As the video explains, the Kona Station’s healing is similar to the one you get from Doc’s stim pistol and thus can overheal you, with the extra health appearing blue and slowly dissipating. Additionally, the gadget can bring downed but not yet dead Operators back into the game, although the Operator in question has to manually trigger the function.

The Kona Station needs a bit of time to arm itself with the healing dose, and it will display a cooldown timer for Defenders. Attackers will be able to see a cone of blue light when the device is fully-charged, and can actually be healed by the device as well.

Weapons-wise, Thunderbird can carry a Spear .308 assault rifle or a Spaz-15 shotgun for her primary, while her secondary options include the Q-929 and Bearing-9. For explosives, she can pick between impact grenades and a nitro cell.

The North Star video also previewed the casual rework of Favela, which has seen a redesign to its floor plan and some toning down for its destructible exterior walls. According to level designer Josam Rene, the new Favela is less chaotic, has an easier-to-read layout, and has less but bigger rooms than the original.

You can check out the full video below, which includes mention of barrel attachment updates and gadget tweaks for Operators like Smoke, Mira, Maestro, and Melusi in addition to other tweaks and updates:


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