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Rainbow Six Siege Might Be Joining Xbox Game Pass

Rainbow Six Siege may be heading over to Xbox Game Pass, if a recent weird tweet is any indication.

On October 18, the Xbox Game Pass Twitter page tweeted a picture of a castle being besieged, with a rainbow hanging over it. There are also six rainbows. Hence, Rainbow Six Siege.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that it could turn out to be something else, but it sure would be great if it was indeed Rainbow Six Siege that was making it over to Microsoft’s subscription service. I barely play Siege nowadays, but the five-year-old multiplayer shooter still holds up well and is still getting supported; the game’s test server received a reworked Tachanka earlier this month on October 8. There’s also the fact that Xbox Game Pass provides access to a good number of other games including EA Play titles, so having Rainbow Six Siege as part of the deal would be a great bonus.


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