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PUBG Mobile Version 1.8.0 Update Is Live

PUBG Mobile's version 1.8.0 update is live now with the addition of two new maps, a Spider-Man IP collaboration, and MK of K-Clique voice pack.

The new Aftermath: Livik map is a remastered version of Livik after a 10-year time jump from a nuclear bomb attack on the previous map. After the war, the beautiful terrains of Livik are left in ruins like a ghost town.

Another new map that's coming sometime in February is Santorini, a map remodeled after the actual Greek Island. While players enjoy the beautiful blue waters of the Southern Aegean Sea, they can battle in an 8v8 Team Deathmatch (TDM) on the map.

PUBG Mobile has added a new recall function for players to respawn after their defeat. They can send signals to teammates from the Recall Tower and when their teammates successfully locate them, they will be able to return to the battle. Other key features include a zip line station for players to zipline to different locations and a unique supply shop that provides weapons, ammo, and other tactical gear.

The new update also sees a collaboration between PUBG Mobile and the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie. Besides a special montage, players are able to unlock special features, including a Web Shooter that allows players to run at high speeds and swing to the top of buildings, and a Spiderweb Ball that releases webs to slow down enemies entangled.

In addition, players can team up with Spider-Man to fight a mechanical boss and unlock rare items. There are also new in-game cosmetics inspired by the collaboration for players to customize their characters.

From now until 19 January, Malaysian players can get MK of K-Clique's voice pack in-game, containing a total of 46 in-game lines.


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