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Prison Sandbox Game "The Escapists" Free on Epic Games Store This Week

This week, Epic Games Store is giving away strategy game The Escapists.

"You’ve landed yourself in prison again, and your only chance is to engineer an escape by any means necessary. How you do it is up to you! Why not cause a prison riot? Or dig a tunnel right under the walls of the prison? Or even steal a guard uniform to blend in with your captors?" read the game description.

Played from a top-down perspective, players will assume the role of a prisoner who must engineer an escape from prison. It is a sandbox game where players can craft items to be used for escape while working around the prison's tight rules, avoiding the guards who are watching the prisoners, maintaining a prison job, hiding different kinds of contraband, and not raising suspicions. Players must complete 6 primary prisons to win the game, in which each new prison is harder than the previous one.

The Escapists can be claimed here.


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