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Popular Manga and Anime BLEACH Comes to Arena of Valor

Ever fancied play-acting as a Shinigami? If you play Arena of Valor, here's your chance. Iconic manga and anime series BLEACH is collaborating with 5v5 MOBA Arena of Valor to bring some of their most popular characters to the battlefield.

Lead protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki as well as fan favourites Byakuya Kuchiki and Toshiro Hitsugaya will make appearances as special skins for Lu Bu, Murad and Bright respectively. Expect to see signature skills such as Byakuya's cherry blossoms and Toshiro's ice dragon lay waste to the battlefield.

Meanwhile, the ladies have also received special skins inspired by classic BLEACH fashion. Lindis will be outfitted in the Shihakusho, which can be acquired for free via in-game missions, while Annette will be able to don a more conservative Karakura High School Uniform once you've unlocked it through the Valor Pass.

For more details and skill previews, check out Arena of Valor's official Facebook page here. #arenaofvalor #aov #bleach


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