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PopSockets Just Solved a First World Problem with Their New Wireless Charger

PopSockets - the gaudy stick-on grips that help us keep our phones attached to our hands.

Love 'em or hate 'em, these colourful mass-produced phone holders have become a must-have accessory for many users - be it genuine PopSockets or cheap knock-offs from Shopee.

Compatible with people of every skin tone

For all their practicality though, they usually have one big flaw - they obstruct wireless charging. You'd have to unscrew the PopSocket or detach the case that it's attached to, just to make contact with your wireless charger. And with that amount of leceh-ness involved, most people would just stick to using a cable.

But as we've entered a whole new decade of innovation, PopSockets has solved this irksome problem by introducing the PopPower wireless charger.

Works like a charm

Ta-dah! A doughnut-shaped charger that allows your PopSocket to sit neatly in the doughnut hole. How come we never thought of that before? The PopPower comes in 3 designs at launch - Matte White, Mountainscape, and Cosmic Candy - and retails for USD60 (~RM246).


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