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POCO's Smooth AF Marketing Gimmick for the Upcoming X2 Throws Shade at Almost Everybody

Just 2 days ago (yeah, this writer was away for CNY so news late a bit ok) POCO India tweeted a teaser for the newly-independent company's first phone after its separation from parent company Xiaomi: the POCO X2.

Being the good researcher I'm supposed to be, I clicked on the link, expecting more details or a teaser video at most. Instead, I was met with this:

Self-deprecating text coupled with a direct call-to-action? You got me.

I quickly whipped out my phone to see wtf was going on, and was met with this:

I enjoy being delusional, stop attacking me!

Whoa, calm down there POCO. I came here for more info, not to have shade thrown at me - my phone and I are innocent ok? [muffled sobs] However, I wondered if this gimmick was hard-coded to show a result of 60Hz, or whether it detected your phone screen's refresh rate for real. So, I pinged someone richer than me to test it out on their ROG Phone, and sure enough, the results were different - and so was the copy:

The POCO X2 better not be a disappointment!

Okay, okay, we got the message. You're giving us superior refresh rates that will put ours to shame.

Clicking the 'BeSmoothAF' button brought me to the teaser page for the POCO X2 which boasts a Snapdragon processor, a newfangled camera, high refresh rates and what appear to be liquid cooling and fast charging capabilities.

POCO's Twitter account has since confirmed that the X2 will have a 120Hz display.

Whatever it is, I certainly appreciate the snide copy and the wild ride that POCO's advertising team took me on. Now, I really can't wait for the final reveal on February 4th!


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