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Pick Up a New Skill with HUAWEI Academy, a New Feature on the HUAWEI Video App

Thinking of picking up a new skill? HUAWEI has just introduced HUAWEI Academy into their HUAWEI Video app. The online video streaming app will now feature masterclasses from 22 trained and experienced experts in their individual fields, aimed to help viewers

develop, sharpen and master their capabilities in a wide range of areas.

The chosen topics were shortlisted by HUAWEI, who took into consideration the

relevance of the content in the Malaysian context. Topics include UPSR, PT3 and SPM prep for students, as well as lessons for aspiring performers, producers, and sportspeople. The full list of courses are as follows:

Interested HUAWEI users will be able to access these courses immediately through the HUAWEI Video app. If you're not subscribed to the service yet, take note that new HUAWEI users will enjoy 3 free months of HUAWEI Video premium access with the purchase of the following products:

  • HUAWEI P40 series

  • HUAWEI Nova 7 series

  • HUAWEI Matepad series

You can explore HUAWEI Video here.


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