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Overwatch 2 Bastion's Ultimate bug turns into Call of Duty killstreak

Tactical Nuke incoming

Bastion's ultimate has changed from transforming into a tank to stationary mortar. While this upgrade is only supposed to allow Bastion to drop three explosives, a bug would enable players to spam the artillery to take out opponents on the site until the timer runs out.

Multiple clips of this bug have spread across the internet, but this one from Brandon Larned has proven how difficult it is to outrun the incoming carpet bomb. Despite how hard he tries to dodge the explosives, he still gets caught in the dreaded red circles.

Given how widespread this bug with Overwatch 2 appears to be, there is a very likely possibility that Blizzard Entertainment is already aware of the bug and will work to resolve it soon. Although it's unclear whether Bastion will be completely disabled, it's likely that this problem won't be present in the game for very long.


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