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Over 100,000 copies of Slime Rancher 2 were sold in less than six hours.

This year, many excellent indie games have received a lot of support.

Slime Rancher 2 has reached a big milestone of over 100,000 copies within the first six hours of its release. In a tweet, Monomi Park co-founder and CEO Nick Popovich paid tribute to the game's players for their support in making the Slime Rancher game a success.

Unless you're unfamiliar, the first Slime Rancher game was released in 2017 after spending roughly a year in early access. Players in the game play the role of a farmer tasked with gathering and growing various species of slimes on their very own ranch, all set in an open-world FPS-style setting.

More than anything, I've seen that the popularity of the Slime Rancher series has grown through word of mouth; it's another of those cozy farming-themed games that players can't get enough of. It's nice to see the creators of the popular indie game release a follow-up because it may be challenging to maintain that momentum.

100,000 might seem like a little amount compared to some massive launches that might cost in the millions, but for an independent company, that can be the real game - changer. Monomi Park has tapped into a certain type of magic that we don't see very often, so let's hope they continue to create fantastic work.


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