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Oppo Receives Authorization for New Foldable Device, Patent Shows Two Hinges

It's not that long ago since Oppo launched its first-ever foldable device and now the Chinese company has filed rights for a new foldable patent and it has been approved.

Based on the patent image, the foldable may look like the Find N but the other half of the device has an additional hinge, suggesting that it can be folded twice.

There's still no official word from Oppo as of now but we wonder how the device can be folded twice and anyone would use the super slim display when folded. As of all the foldables we've seen so far, they have the disadvantage of becoming thicker when folded and can be quite a fuss when kept in pockets. Imagine storing a device that folds twice, although we doubt anyone would do so. Or would you?


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