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OPPO Announces First Self-Developed MMORPG

OPPO announced the launch of its first self-developed MMORPG titled World of Immortals.

Taking place in an oriental setting centred around martial arts, the game includes fierce battles, trading, and a guild system for players to participate in boss raids.

Players can select from four different classes based on a variety of weapons such as katana, sword, bow, rod and claymore.

Characters are also customisable with a wide selection of skin and costume choices.

World of Immortals also features a romance system, where players can travel alongside an in-game partner and get married.

World of Immortals is now available for pre-registration on the OPPO App Market

and Google Play Store. The first 500 players who redeem the special code at

participating OPPO Brand Stores before 31 August will receive in-game benefits worth RM 89.


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