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[Offer] Best SonicGear Bluetooth Speaker Under RM70

SonicGear is certainly no exception when it comes to bringing user convenience and impressive sound quality speakers. Thus, we will be looking at these three worth-mentioning speakers with high-quality sound, portable and cost-effective!

SonicGear SonicGo RDO 30X

Price: RM69.90

The SonicGear RDO 30-X is designed to look like a portable radio system in the 80s. It comes with a sturdy plastic housing with an attached strap to allow you to carry it around with ease.

You can find the function buttons on the top such as the Power button, Volume control button, and Mode change button. Besides that, it houses a variety of connectivity including a USB-A port, a Micro SD card slot, a Micro-USB charging port, AUX, and a Flashlight.

What's more, it even comes with an External Antenna for you to listen to FM radio. It even supports TWS connection, allowing users to connect SonicGo RDO 30-X along with another external device at the same time as well as answer calls even when the phone is not nearby thanks to its built-in microphone.

And for sustainability, the SonicGo RDO 30-X supports Micro-USB charging, a full charge will take around 4 hours with around 5 hours of playback time.

Even though the SonicGo RDO 30-X only equips a 52mm Driver on the front, it is still a loud Bluetooth 5.0 (9m) speaker that accompanies you outdoors for only RM69.90.


SonicGear SonicGo Clipz

Price: RM69.90

Next, min min will be introducing you to a Bluetooth 5.3 that is built around portability, the SonicGear SonicGo Clipz. The front of SonicGo Clipz is covered with a fabric cover with a carabiner for you to hang it on anywhere. Most importantly, it only weighs 244g.

As you can see, the function buttons are all located on the front fabric cover whereas the connectivity ports can be found under the cover which includes a Micro SD card slot, a USB-C charging port, and a USB-A port.

The SonicGo Clipz features 4 connection modes, Bluetooth 5.3 (9m), USB-A, Micro SD, and FM radio. However, you'll need to plug in the USB-C cable that is provided in the box in order to listen to the FM radio.

What makes this speaker stand out is that it comes with an RGB lighting effect that is also adjustable by pressing two times on the change mode button. Therefore, you can throw an epic party while blasting music through the coolest RGB speaker.

Thanks to the USB-C charging port on the SonicGo Clipz, it only takes about 2 hours to fully charge the speakers for around 4 hours of audio playback. The only drawback of this speaker is that the bass will be covered when laying flat so you might need to find somewhere to hang it for the best music experience.


SonicGear SonicGo 2

Price: RM69.90

Lastly, the SonicGear SonicGo 2 shares a similar appearance with the popular brand speakers in the market, it houses a fabric cover at the front with a strap for hanging purposes and an anti-skid pad at the back.

On top of that, you may find the USB-A port, Micro USB charging port, and a Micro SD card slot at the side which is covered under the rubbery in between the function buttons.

For connectivity, the SonicGo 2 features a Bluetooth 5.3 (9m), FM radio, USB-A, and Micro SD card slot. Same as the SonicGo Clipz mentioned above, it is required to plug in the Micro USB provided in the box in order to use the FM radio.

Charging-wise, it is able to fully charge in about 3 hours with Micro USB charging cable, and audio playback for around 4 hours in total. Overall, the SonicGo 2 is a solid Bluetooth speaker despite the lacking of a base in this small chassis.

In fact, all these 3 SonicGear speakers have their own advantages, the SonicGo RDO 30X comes with an external antenna and flashlight, which work best for glamping; the SonicGo Clipz offers a better sound experience with the bass as well as USB-C charging; and the SonicGo 2 for its compact size.

If you're interested in getting these SonicGear Bluetooth Speakers, check out their official store on Shopee and Sonic Gear's official website.

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