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New Unifi Home Fibre Broadband Plans Offer Speeds of Up To 800Mbps

TM now has a couple of new Unifi home fibre broadband options, with speeds of up to 800Mbps.

As spotted by Lowyat, consumers now have the option of choosing either a 800Mbps package or a 500Mbps one. Both packages offer unlimited data and an upload speed of up to 200Mbps. Also included are up to 600 minutes of free phone calls and free mesh WiFi, the latter apparently being worth RM999.

The speeds aren’t exactly new, but were previously available only as Turbo upgrades. The monthly prices are typically RM409 and RM309 for the 800Mbps package and 500Mbps package respectively, but their are currently available at a discounted monthly price of RM349 and RM249 for up to 24 months respectively.

For comparison (ignoring extra freebies and stuff), TIME offers 1Gbps and 500Mbps fibre packages for RM199 and RM139 a month respectively. Maxis on the other hand has a 800Mbps package for RM299 a month and a 500Mbps package for RM219.

The Unifi bundles also include opportunities to watch entertainment programs. There’s a free Unifi Plus Box with the Unifi TV Ultimate Pack, as well as a six months of complimentary access to streaming services VIU and YuppFlix. In addition, a limited-time promotion for both throws in Unifi Mobile, which offers unlimited calls and 10GB LTE Hotspot, into the mix.

For the full plan rundown, check out Unifi’s page here.

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