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New Resident Evil VIII Trailer Continues To Lean Into Supernatural/Dark Fantasy Theme

A second trailer for Resident Evil VIII, or Resident Evil Village, has dropped, showing off more of the game’s spooky supernatural-ish direction.

The trailer gives us a good look at a snow-covered village, werewolf-like people, a haunted castle, and a creepy folk tale. We also get a glimpse of a giant enemy with a giant hammer and a close-up look at a creepy old lady, who, along with the other villagers, may be part of a cult.

On the less supernatural side of things, there’s Chris Redfield and some dudes with guns. Unfortunately, as we saw at the end of the first trailer, Chris doesn’t seem to be on your side.

The game is a direct sequel to Resident Evil VII and features the same protagonist, Ethan Winters, as well as continuing the use of a first-person perspective. The scenery and enemies in VIII are certainly a far cry from Louisiana and the Baker Family, and Chris’ seemingly antagonistic role raises even more questions. We’ll be able to learn the answers when the game releases in 2021.


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