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Neopets Hacked And User Data Put For Sale

Popular virtual pet-keeping web browser game Neopets has had its website hacked. With hacked claiming to have the personal account info of over 69 million users and the site’s source code.

In a post by the official Neopets Twitter page, they warned that customer data may have been stolen and urged users to change their passwords.

They also said that the breach is being looked into by an unnamed “leading forensics firm”.

According to a report by Bleeping Computer, the hacked data was put up for sale on the hacking forum Breached. co, where a hacker known as TarTarX claims to have access to it.

The hacker is offering access to the data for the price of four bitcoin, which is approximately valued at RM 412k.

If you still have a Neopets account, now would be a very good time to delete it as soon as possible.


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