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Nearly 1 Million New VR Users Flocked to Steam to Play 'Half-Life: Alyx'

Half-Life: Alyx appears to be responsible for a huge spike in VR Gaming since its launch.

Road to VR claims that 1.91% of Steam users connected a VR headset to their PC over the course of April; while that may seem like just a drop in the ocean, consider the fact that this is the largest single-month leap in user numbers so far, surpassing even the December-January holiday season by almost almost 300%.

Yes, Half-Life: Alyx convinced more people to join the world of VR than any massive holiday sale could. While this is a big win for Valve game-wise, they aren't doing as impressively in the hardware adoption department - Oculus accounts for 44.6% of the Steam user market, with HTC hot on its heels with 30.3%. In contrast, Valve's own Index headset only snatched up 11.9% of market share, probably due to a less accessible price point.

While this astounding figure shows positive growth of the VR gaming industry, it may still be years before VR gaming becomes mainstream. High price points and still-cumbersome form factors are definitely barriers to entry, but the success of Half-Life: Alyx indicates that there is a willing market for VR gaming, even if its not a perfect science yet.

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