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NCSOFT reveals Project LLL, an upcoming open-world third-person shooter for console and PC.

The gameplay trailer is available

NCSOFT has released the first gameplay trailer for Project LLL, a multiplayer open-world online third-person shooter that is under development for console and PC and it will be launched in 2024 worldwide. You may watch the 9 min gameplay trailer below.

According to devs, "LLL is a sci-fi game, but it can also be seen as a game that falls under a sub-genre of alternative history,” Bae explained. “It takes place in a world that started with the idea that the history we know progressed differently due to a particular event in the past. In LLL, a devastated Seoul, the 10th century Byzantine Empire, and the 23rd century are all blended together in the same lore."

The game will be offering a vast open world in which more than 30km of the land area is connected to a single environment that is built on the latest Unreal Engine. You can find more information about the game in the developer diary or at


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