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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Releases New Trailer: "Beyond Legends"

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has just released a new trailer - "Beyond Legends", which - in line with Project NEXT - reveals new skillsets and lore for classic heroes like Eudora, Zilong, and Miya.

In "Beyond Legends", the video quality, music quality, and story-telling has vastly improved from its predecessors, easily making it Mobile Legends' highest quality trailer to date. Apart from its dynamic visuals, the trailer is also accompanied by a haunting soundtrack performed by Nicole Carino.

Just a few days prior to the release of the trailer, Moonton also revealed the revamped Mobile Legends logo, which is based on the letter ‘M’ combined with the river of

the map.

The name has adopted cleaner typeface with a turret-like crystal in the middle of the 'O', which represents the glorious and magnificent future of the MLBB universe. In terms of colour and texture, the new logo adopts a metallic gold sheen, emitting the feeling of advancement and glory. Together, it "symbolises MLBB entering a new era, one with higher quality and bigger ambition, in order to bring a more immersive experience to its players."

The anticipated launch date of Project NEXT is 22 September 2020.


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