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Microsoft Offers Rainbow Six Siege and More Free Titles for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers

Microsoft is adding some extra fun this holiday season for Xbox Live Gold subscribers by offering three highly acclaimed titles. Subscribers can claim the titles via Free Play Days and install them through the Microsoft Store. To download on console, simply click the Subscriptions tab in the store and find the Free Play Days collection in the Gold member area. The three titles are:

Night Call

Night Call is a narrative-driven noire investigation game in which players assume control of a taxi driver who patrols the streets of Paris. Things go wrong when the driver becomes the sole witness of a murder committed by a serial killer and he's compelled to solve the crime.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Seige

The popular tactical shooter offers over 50 operators for players to choose from, in which players will opt between an attacker or a defender in different gameplay modes like rescuing a hostage and defusing a bomb.

RiMS Racing

Launched three months ago, RiMS Racing is a motorcycle simulator that "combines a realistic riding challenge with engineering and mechanics". While the game has many realistic mechanics, it didn't receive rave reviews from critics due to its lack of content.

These games will only be available for free from 2 - 5 December. Players can carry over the game progress and points earned if they purchase the game after the Free Play Days period.


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