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<Meet Your Maker> Gets a Day 1 release on PlayStation Plus Monthly Games

The new first-person base-building game from Dead by Daylight studios <Meet Your Maker> will be available as the first freebies of the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games lineup on April 4 on both PS5 and PS4.

Behaviour Interactive also announced a Deluxe Edition of the game which includes the Scorched Necropolis Deco Pack with 2 building blocks (Limestone, Golden Age), 2 Props (Winged Molding, Temple Light), 1 Animated Prop (Spinning Enigma), 8 Decals, 1 Weapon skin (Sunclaw), and 2 Custodian Skins (Desert Cyclops, Glided Warrior)

According to PlayStation.Blog, <Meet Your Maker> is a twisted playground where anyone can unleash their creativity, building and challenging each other with levels we could never have conceived.

Players have to build their own outposts with tons of obstacles like traps and enemies to fend off other Chimera while also raiding other players' outposts for more resources in a post-apocalyptic world.

It can be played cooperatively with a friend to build and raid outposts alongside each other, then you can use that data to reinforce the outpost to the very best. <Meet Your Maker> is due out for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC via Steam on April 4, 2023.


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