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Loving is not enough, your children need your support and guidance to be better people.

Syed Shaddiq, a founding member of the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (MUDA) has posted a TikTok video regarding the issues of nowadays parents' mindset toward their children's interests and passions. In the TikTok video, Syed Shaddiq and Hannah Yeoh (Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development) shared 3 advice for parents all around the world to listen to and support their children's intentions and motives.

The first piece of advice shared in the video, always support your children's interests. Understand why they appeal to celebrities and even sports players. Don't make judgments quickly, help and show guidance to your children.

Of course not blindly providing support to your children even knowing that is wrong, but to support your children when they're doing the right things, something that is healthy for their body and soul.

The second piece of advice will be to hear their thoughts, and not to belittle their feelings/expressions. Therefore, your children will be more comfortable sharing their thinking with you, as a good parent should be in the first position for your children to look for when they face trouble.

In addition to the examples that Syed Shaddiq provided if your children play DOTA or any other games, join them. Eventually, they might go professional with mental support from the family.

Thirdly, understand the passion of your children, don't always compare "your generation" and "my generation". The time and interest might be changed, but the challenge still remains. So spend more time with them, be with them, and not isolate them.


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