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Logitech G Aurora Collection | Beauty Isn't Cheap

For the longest time, gaming accessories including headsets, mouses and keyboards are made with matte black with full of RGB lightings and bulky designs which normally cater towards the male audience more. That's precisely what Logitech G's new Aurora Collection was designed to combat as the products are designed with an emphasis on customization and adding some flare to your setup.


Logitech G's Aurora Collection was made with gender inclusivity in mind. Using direct feedback from women in the gaming community, they set out to make gender-inclusive gamer gear that can be loved by all by using its unique, playful and personalizable color options.

The Aurora Collection includes a new gaming headset, a mouse and wired and wireless gaming keyboard options. The mouse is designed for smaller hands and the headset made to accommodate things like long hair and glasses, they kept the comfort of their full user base in mind while designing the collection, while still utilizing their gaming-grade, including Logitech G's LIGHTSPEED high-performance wireless technology and Blue VO!CE microphone technology.

All of the products in this collection come in only one color, a default White Mist color. They also utilize soft RGB lighting in blues and pinks to add into the design aesthetics, the lights can also be customized further in Logitech’s G HUB to suit your needs.


G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Let’s start things off with the big boy of the bunch, the G715 Gaming Keyboard. The keyboard comes in White Mist, with soft, rounded edges and purple and grey accents. The G715 is also fully mechanical, with your choice of quiet linear switches or clicky tactile switches.

The layout of the keyboard also feels super comfy, with its smaller TKL size layout with a scrolling wheel for controlling computer volume and a stand for adjustable height. On top of the usual RGB lighting found underneath the keycaps, the G715 features an aesthetically pleasing underglow lighting found underneath the keyboard that is fully customizable with the Logitech G HUB app.

The keyboard also came with the collection's Cloud-Soft palm rest that is in a cloud pattern design which further adds into the aesthetic points for your setup.


G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Moving onto the mouse of this collection, the G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse. The mouse comes in a small compact size with a unique contoured curve designed specifically for smaller hands. The mouse is also super lightweight and responsive while also featuring stunning RGB lighting like the rest of the collection which is also customizable in the G HUB app.


G735 Wireless Gaming Headset

Last but not least in the collection, the G735 Wireless Gaming Headset. The headset comes in an over-ear design, has very low latency via their USB dongle and is comfortable enough for long usage due to its lightweight design. This pair of headphones also come with Logitech’s Blue VO!CE microphone technology ensures you sound clear enough while you chat with others or just having a gaming session on discord with your friends.

On the headset itself, you can find a Bluetooth/AB switch, Power button, Audio Wheel, Mic on/off on the left earcup and 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C charging port on the right. The microphone is detachable for easy keeping while the headphone is not in use, and the mic is bendable as well but it will straighten itself again after awhile, this might affect the microphone quality a little bit.


Buy or no buy?

The Logitech Aurora collection is suitable for ladies or people that are looking to get some aesthetically pleasing peripherals for their setups. But for the price I would definitely recommend looking at other options. The G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse costs RM399, the G735 Gaming Headset costs RM949, and the G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard costs RM849.


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