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LG Debuts "Life's Good" Film; Directed by Jackson Tisi

LG's Life's Good film, directed by Jackson Tisi, has debuted on LG's YouTube channel, compiling videos submitted by hundreds of young filmmakers from around the world.

The Life's Good campaign kicked off in May, inviting 531 young auteurs from 31 countries to share their creativity with Tisi. The submissions are woven into a 20-minute short film "showcasing the world’s budding visual storytellers’ distinctive voices, fresh perspectives, and undeniable talent".

"I wanted to share the emotions we all have and feel in life no matter what corner of the

world we come from," explained Tisi. "Empathy is the key to communication with one

another, especially when we’re getting through tough days."

Diva Vélez of New York Film Critics Online commented, "The film demonstrates the

beautiful differences of the human diaspora and our various environments, while also

revealing how completely tied in soul and spirit we are and have further become due to

the global COVID-19 pandemic".

The film explores different aspects of life in six chapters: Life’s Beautiful, Life’s Community, Life’s Lonely, Life’s In Motion, Life’s an Adventure, and Life’s Good. the first five chapters discuss the beauty of nature, the vitality of physical movements, personal growth in times of loneliness to the togetherness and warmth of a community. Whereas, the last chapter serves as a closure showing the young generation celebrates life together.

The film's trailer will be screened on LG’s digital billboards in Times Square in New York City and Piccadilly Circus in London from today onwards. It will also appear at selected film festivals. The Life's Good film is now available on the LG Global YouTube channel.


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