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Lenovo's LanSchool Cloud-Based Classroom Management Software Now Available in Malaysia

Lenovo's LanSchool has announced that its cloud-based classroom management software, LamSchool Air is now available for schools in Malaysia. The software helps teachers connect with students "within a digital space" regardless of their physical locations.

It also comes with features to monitor and protect student devices, enable communication and screen sharing, and provide device management to help guide learning, promote collaboration, as well as maximize teaching time.

"For the past year, LanSchool has helped educators maintain education continuity during the

pandemic with our cloud-based classroom management software," said Varinderjit Singh,

General Manager, Lenovo Malaysia. "LanSchool Air offers streamlined deployment,

decreased IT admin workloads, and convenient maintenance and support. We are proud to

now extend these same benefits to our partners and educators in Malaysia."

Lenovo is offering a 30-day free trial of the LanSchool Air for schools that are interested in using it.

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