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League of Legends Worlds Continues as Planned

At least this year won't be a complete drag - the League of Legends Worlds has always been entertaining.

With multiple global events cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, we finally have something to look forward to. Riot Games has announced that the annual League of Legends World Championship 2020 will take place in Shanghai, China, and is expected to run through 25 September till 31 October. The grand finals, where Riot Games continues to wow every year with huge spectacles and grand openings, will be held at a newly built Pudong Soccer Stadium that will be able to sit an audience of more than 33,000.

Certain safety measures will still be taken, however, in light of the pandemic. Early stages of the tournament will not have any audience, while foot traffic for the grand finals has still yet to be determined by the Shanghai Municipal Council guidelines. Rather than hosting the tournament in multiple cities as was done in previous iterations of Worlds, Riot believes that hosting it only in Shanghai will significantly reduce any threats for the spread of the virus. Still, no information has been shared in regards of player testing, or if any teams will travel to participate at all.

24 teams from all around the world will stand a chance to compete against each other for the biggest prize in the League of Legends competitive scene, with a record-breaking (in its own title) confirmed amount of US$2.5 million (~RM10.5 million), with additional increments added by Riot Games from in-game sales revenue.

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