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Last Cloudia x Sonic the Hedgehog Collaboration set to Release on June 20th!

Last Cloudis, a free-to-play mobile action RPG game, developed by Japanese company Aidis, has recently announced that they will be collaborating with the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, and it is set to release on June 20th 2024!

Although not much details about the collaboration was revealed, but information will be released as the collaboration event draws closer. Last Cloudia had already done collaboration with other well-known series such as Attack on Titan, Persona 5 Royal and Street Fighter in the past.

Last Cloudia is a game that has featured plenty of cinematic landscapes and a rich storyline where humans live in peace with monsters, as they work together to save the world together. During the storyline, players will play the role of the main protagonist, Kyle, an impulsive knight who mastered the art of swordsman ship, and following aside him is his friend, Rei, a one-winged monster who has amnesia. Throughout their adventure, they’ll meet many friends and foes alike.

The game showcases their character with incredible and well-detailed pixel art designs and 3D backgrounds. There is a wide number of playable characters that players get to choose from, allowing them to be able to create and customise teams that suit their interest and playstyle. Throughout the game, players will search for items known as Arcs, which are items that can be equipped to characters in order to boost their stats as well as allow them to master new skills and techniques to fight against the enemies in-game.

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