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K/DA Finally Drops "ALL OUT" - And No, There Won't Be a Physical Release (Yet)

Riot Games' virtual pop supergroup K/DA has finally dropped their first EP, titled "ALL OUT". The EP contains 5 tracks in total including their pre-release single "THE BADDEST", and feature track, "MORE".

ALL OUT was written by singer, rapper, and songwriter Bekuh BOOM and produced, mixed, and mastered by Riot Games' very own Sebastien Najand. Each track was written to represent each the unique personality and style of each member's unique personality and direction.

Track List:

  • “THE BADDEST” featuring MIYEON and SOYEON of K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE, Bea Miller and Wolftyla

  • “MORE featuring Madison Beer, MIYEON and SOYEON of (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns, Lexie Liu, and Seraphine.

  • “VILLAIN” featuring Madison Beer and Kim Petras

  • “DRUM GO DUM” featuring Aluna, Wolftyla, and Bekuh BOOM

  • “I’LL SHOW YOU” featuring TWICE members JIHYO, NAYEON, SANA, and CHAEYOUNG, Bekuh BOOM, and Annika Wells

In a virtual press conference held earlier today, head of Riot Music Group Toa Dunn stated that K/DA was not formed based around the selected champions from the League universe; rather, K/DA was built around the chosen style and genre they wanted to pursue for the project - a "hard-hitting global pop sound" inspired by k-pop, in this case. Only then were the members handpicked based on how well their lore and character fit into the common archetypes found in girl groups, such as the leader, the 'cool one', the lead dancer, and the 'seductive one'.

When questioned about the origins of Seraphine, League's newest champion and K/DA's newest collaborator featured on the track "MORE", Dunn stated that Seraphine was developed independently of K/DA's comeback - the timeline of her planned release just happened to line up with K/DA's comeback, hence the decision to use K/DA as a platform to debut a new champion in what they hoped was an interesting and memorable way.

Other interesting topics raised during the press conference included the possibility of a physical release of ALL OUT, a music rhythm game, and even a Hatsune Miku-like evolution of K/DA to become holographic live performers.

"That isn't to say there will be no plans for a physical release, but now we're currently focusing on digital platforms."

- Toa Dunn, Head of Riot Music Group

While Riot Games representatives said there weren't any plans in place for the aforementioned things yet, they haven't ruled out the possibility of making those things happen in the future, especially since interest those topics have now been raised.

We're still crossing our fingers for a physical release of the album though - make it happen, Riot! Until then, you can stream ALL OUT on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and more.


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